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Font Mesin Ketik:- Before the computer and its keyboard, in ancient times we were familiar with the typewriter. Typewriter features can be seen from the type of font used. With technology, many designers take the time to create fonts similar to typewriter fonts.

For those of you who are looking for a typewriter font, below we have given you 10 new fonts that you can download for free as well as sample images that you can use as a reference before you download.

The use of typewriters can now be said to be extinct or non-existent, due to the presence of computers and smartphones that have destroyed the typewriter market, but from some kind of work and the necessity of this machine, it is still used. However, for those of you who want to write similar or even similar results to a typewriter, it is very important to use a typewriter font. You can download this typewriter font below.

Download Font Mesin Ketik

How to access fonts on your computer, just copy to fonts: Windows Explorer – C – Windows – Fonts. Be sure to like it on the official font site below to pay homage to the designer.

Here is the name of the typewriter font, along with the link to the official page.

1. Royal 200 Font

Royal 200 is one of the most popular old-school typewriter fonts. This font only has regular fonts, but can be used on Windows or Mac.

2. Gabriele Font Family

The next typewriter font name is ‘Gabriele’ font family, which means this font has several types of fonts. Gabriele Font itself has been popular in Germany for decades.

3. AFL Font Pespaye Nonmetric

The next old-school typed font name is quite long, namely, AFL Font Pespaye Nonmetric, which is part of the nonmetric AFL Font family. This font, which was created in 2004, is still often used today.

4. Royal 200 Trashed

The next type of old-school font is Royal 200 Trashed, which is part of the Royal 200 font. This old-school typewriter font is free, but if it is used commercially, please contact the author first.

5. Kingthings Typewriter

The next popular manual typewriter font is Kingthings Typewriter. I personally love this font because even though it’s an old-school font, it looks clean. And most importantly this typewriter font can be downloaded for free.

6. Typewriter Condensed

This typewriter-like font really does look like the font used to write letters in the past. You can see the historical value.

7. 1942 Report Font

The next old typewriter-like font was the 1942 Report Font. This font was created by a designer named Johan Holmdahl. You can download it for free.

8. Traveling Typewriter

This old font was created after being inspired by an old Danish typewriter called “Olympia Traveler de luxe” which was made in West Germany.

9. Jmh Typewriter

This old-school typewriter font is called Jmh Typewriter, although it’s not very popular, this old-fashioned typed font with slightly wide spacing will look suitable if used for designing t-shirts.

10. Fragment Core

This old typewriter font is perfect for websites with niche recipes or DIYs, because this old-school font looks simple and clean.

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